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TimiÅŸ, România.

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Sabiko trucks

About us

We are focused on several business lines, starting from the cold storage, fish and fish products trade (import-export) and international transport.

Our portfolio of European transport of industrial cargo and consumer goods by road guarantees transport efficiency, regardless of the border. Our employees will find the right solution to meet your needs, using classic or customized concepts.

SABIKO has its own, generous truck fleet. Since 2004, the fleet has expanded to 116 modern trucks, mega and normal tarps. The trucks are standard, usable tarps height 2700 mm.

 All trucks are euro 6, GPS monitored. The company employs drivers with at least 15 years of experience and includes a non-stop dispatching service. Our fleet of trucks (none older than 2 years) offers the necessary support to provide you with flexible freight services. At the moment we operate freight transport on the Romanian territory and international transport on a contract basis in the EU. With our extensive experience and quality processes, we can guarantee that your shipments will be transported safely to the desired destination, regardless of the type of services you need.

Becoming one of the clients of SABIKO you will have a dedicated transport dispatcher. He will receive your order by telephone / mail / fax. The transport dispatcher ensures that the loading and unloading hours of the goods will be respected, as well as the safe delivery of the goods.

We provide transport services for any destination in EUROPE.

The goal of our company is to be the best carrier of goods for you.

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